If you are a manufacturer, then you should be familiar with the processes about

  1. Products
  2. Customers
  3. Suppliers

This three resources are the main source of your manufacturing process. To start with product; when you have a product to produce, then you should have value added operations. Prodrun lets you to track all your products and its value added operations in real-time from raw material to the final product.

You can organize bill of materials, your detailed product information, operation set-up and process time and semi-finished product.

Items on your production plant can be any form like,

  1. Raw Material
  2. Work-in-Progress Inventory
  3. Semi-finished Goods
  4. Maintenance, Repair and Operating Supplies
  5. Final products

With Prodrun, you can track and analyse all of them within seconds.

Prodrun’s business processes designed with the traceability principle can be seen in the graph below.


ERP for Manufacturing

Prodrun provides manufacturing industry managers and leaders an understanding of how to turn business data into a revenue-producing action and helps improve their traceability and decision-making process with the simplest cloud ERP, exclusively designed for manufacturing.