If you want to see shipping performance of your business, then you should track shipping records after the production ends. Every shipping record should belong to a product or part of a customer, quantity and its specific dates. Also it must be related to a manufacturing work order for the traceability. The quantity that ships to customer triggers your product’s inventory status. System controls your customer’s due date and deadline to improve your shipping performance. You can analyse all your customer shipments in real-time.

Shipping is the final step of the traceability principle of Prodrun. If a customer wants to ask anything about the shipped product, you will be ready to answer every question about it from the receiving raw material to the shipping process. The power of reliability depends exactly on the power of traceability. And this is what your customer wants!

Prodrun’s business processes designed with the traceability principle can be seen in the graph below.

ERP for Manufacturing

Prodrun provides manufacturing industry managers and leaders an understanding of how to turn business data into a revenue-producing action and helps improve their traceability and decision-making process with the simplest cloud ERP, exclusively designed for manufacturing.