Prodrun’s inventory management system is very easy for tracking inventory levels like purchase items, semi-finished goods and final products. You can also define required items for every semi-finished goods/operations on bill of materials and the inventory system performs all inventory movements in background automatically. Receiving raw material, producing the part and shipping the product will affect your inventory counting instant and automatically.

No More Manual Action

If you perform the whole process as it should be, you don’t have to specify any inventory movements manually. Prodrun performs all in and out movements in background automatically. Whenever you want, the history of inventory movements is ready to be seen. Also you can define minimum inventory levels for your inventory alerts. It is easy as touching a button!

Prodrun’s business processes designed with the traceability principle can be seen in the graph below.

ERP for Manufacturing

Prodrun provides manufacturing industry managers and leaders an understanding of how to turn business data into a revenue-producing action and helps improve their traceability and decision-making process with the simplest cloud ERP, exclusively designed for manufacturing.