Manufacturing Industry

Every industry has businesses that have already begun to gain the benefits of digital transformation. This should be a call to action for executives in every company.

For all business (SME or not), the key to being successful is to be competitive. Making business processes as efficient as possible. Saving time and reducing costs is the main purpose of the executers.

With the ever-growing economy, companies are making millions of technological investments in order to follow the trends of the sector and accelerate production.

Manufacturing’s Next Big Act:
Digital Transformation

2016 Manufacturing USA Annual Report shows the effort of revitalising manufacturing in the United States. The Manufacturing USA program purposes manufacturing-related technology transition and technology adoption to overcome challenges.

Investments in new technologies are increasing day by day and technology trends are constantly changing. ERP System is one of the top manufacturing industry 4.0 tech trends in 2018 according to Hitachi Solutions.

“Digital deals” have comprised 15% of all US M&A activity since 2012. (Strategy & Deals DataBase)

Why Manufacturing Industry should Use ERP Systems?

Nowadays, SME manufacturing companies are aware of that an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is key to creating simplicity and acquiring competitive advantage.

  • Accurate, real-time information
  • Proactively manage operations
  • Prevents delays
  • Help to make decisions efficiently
  • Ensuring quality and traceability

Prodrun provides manufacturing industry managers and leaders an understanding of how to turn business data into a revenue-producing action and helps improve their traceability and decision-making process with the simplest cloud ERP, exclusively designed for manufacturing.